What can Shakira teach us about self-love?

I am just returning from a 3 month winter sabbatical of traveling latin america, the longest break from the status quo as I know it that I’ve allowed myself to take.  Wow, what a wonderful soul-filling journey it’s been.   I had much time for self-reflection and I received very positive affirmations that I am on the right path of self love, healing and compassion via mindfulness and sharing this passion with others.

Just 2 weeks into my journey, I found myself “graduating” from Spanish school in Guatemala and leading a group of teachers and students (i.e. not yoga folk) in a Spanish rendition of “head shoulders knees and toes” which turned into a light-hearted super sweet teaching moment of loving and trusting the body, inspired by the lines made famous by Shakira “my hips don’t lie”.  Watch the video here.

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